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Ontario Harpist

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Harp Music

Here are a few suggestions when hiring Tracy Sweet to play her harp at your next wedding in the London, Ontario area:

  • arrive at the ceremony site 45 minutes prior to start time and play for 20-30 minutes of pre-ceremony music as guests and family members are being seated

  • harp music for bridal party's entrance, bride's processional

  • harp music during the signing of the marriage license

  • harp music anywhere else you wish for me play during the ceremony

  • harp music for bride's recessional and as guests are leaving the ceremony 

In order to secure your date a non-refundable deposit of $200.0 is simply required.  

Please note that for outdoor weddings the harp needs to be positioned in a shaded area and cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity levels due to the wooden nature of the harp. 

Bridal Chorus


Married at Home

The Ideal location

In the heart of the picturesque city of London Ontario, nestled among blooming gardens and whispering trees, stands a family home. It was in this very place that the bride and groom decided to solemnize their marriage. The backyard of Tracy Sweet’s home, was the perfect alternative to London City Hall to get married at an affordable price in Ontario.

Preparations Underway

You have found the one your heart desires…now let’s start planning your wedding!

The days leading up to the wedding ceremony were filled with excitement and planning.  An in-person consultation at the Officiants home to discus the process of getting married in Ontario, and to get to know the couple and learn more about their love story and how they wish to share it on their wedding day.


Ontario Wedding Officiant, Tracy Sweet, was able to accommodate and provide outdoor seating under a shaded tree for up to 15 guests for the wedding ceremony. Tracy also played the Harp as the bride walked in, and for the recessional.

A Day to Remember

As guests arrived, harp music could be heard before they reached the ceremony site creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Every detail a reflection of the couple’s journey together surrounded by their children and closest friends.

The bride was radiant as she walked down the aisle as her groom awaited her, eyes brimming with emotion, a smile that spoke volumes of the happiness he felt. The customized wedding ceremony was a beautiful tapestry of personal vows, laughter, and tears of joy. They promised to cherish each other, to weather life’s storms hand in hand, and to nurture their love.

Enchanting Harp Music

The ceremony ended with more harp music and guests taking pictures while commenting on the of repertoire of harp music played by harpist Tracy Sweet.  Tracy has performed as a Harpist across Canada and worked with many couples to create the wedding ceremony they envisioned on their special day.

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