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Ontario Wedding Officiant

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london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant

Tracy Sweet

Licensed Ontario Wedding Officiant


Valerie Sweet

Licensed Ontario Wedding Officiant


London Ontario Wedding Officiant

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Valerie Officiating at
Cranberry Creek Gardens

Tracy and Valerie are a mother daughter team of licensed Ontario Wedding Officiants in London.  We have been Officiating since 2019 and Tracy has been in the wedding industry as a wedding Harpist for the past 32 years.  

Tracy has earned an excellent reputation in SW Ontario as a full time wedding industry expert and as one of the top wedding Officiants in SW Ontario.

We work with you create the ceremony that you want. You will receive a copy of the ceremony script and know exactly word for word what will be said. You choose the content and can customize to tell your love story.

City Hall alternative/Elopement for those who need to be legally married here in Ontario and are having a wedding celebration at another time or location, we offer an affordable

option. You can come to our home with your 2 witnesses (we can also provide 2 witnesses) have a legal signing, vows and ring exchange for less than city hall charges. Below are pictures of my home/backyard where many couples have been married.

london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant

Your Big Day: Ontario Wedding Officiant & 
Wedding Harpist,
Tracy Sweet on
your Wedding Ceremony

ontario wedding officiant
London Ontario Wedding Officiant Tracy Sweet
london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant
london ontario wedding officiant

You have found the one your heart desires, now picture your dream wedding: the exchange of personal vows, and the romantic sound of harp music. Guiding you through your wedding ceremony is the wedding officiant, the storyteller who articulates your love and the harpist whose music creates the ambiance of your special day. These two roles personify the elegance and emotion of the wedding ceremony, setting the tone for a truly memorable celebration.

Planning your wedding is a journey of decisions, from selecting the right officiant to ensure your nuptials are both personal and legally binding, to choosing an experienced harpist to create the romance and ambiance.  With the officiant's guidance and experience and the harpist's artistry, your ceremony will unfold seamlessly, reflecting your unique love story.

Music Sets the Wedding Day Tone

Harp music has the power to transform your wedding ceremony from a beautiful event into a magical experience. Harp music can set the tone for your day, as you and your partner stand amidst flowers and friends, imagine the first notes of Pachelbel's Canon in D welcoming you and your guests. The music you choose speaks volumes, inviting your guests into the heart of your love story. The Harp is a magnificent instrument that instantly adds ambiance and romance to any setting and is sure to impress your guests.

To ensure the music at your wedding resonates with both you and your guests, consider these tips from Ontario Wedding Harpist, Tracy Sweet.

  • Plan Ahead: Book your Harpist well in advance. With over 32 years experience Tracy Sweet is a full time Ontario Wedding Harpist and gets booked up quickly.

  • Mix it Up: Combine different genres and eras of music to cater to all tastes, ensuring there's something for every guest to enjoy.


The Officiant's Guide to a Meaningful Ceremony

In the heart of your wedding ceremony, the officiant stands as a pivotal figure, weaving the tapestry of your love story with the legal aspects that binds you together. Their role extends beyond mere formality; they are the conductors of your ceremony's symphony, ensuring that each note of your love is heard and felt by all present. Here's how a professional wedding officiant can elevate your ceremony:

  • Personalization: A seasoned officiant tailors the ceremony to reflect your personalities, beliefs, and values. Ontario Wedding Officiant, Tracy Sweet will ensure that your wedding feels like a true representation of your union. As a full time officiant, Tracy specializes in crafting ceremonies that resonate deeply with the couple's story, ensuring a personalized touch that's both authentic and memorable.

  • Stress Reduction: As an experienced officiant, Tracy brings calm to potential chaos. Many couples have commented on Tracy’s calming voice, preparedness, attention to detail, and legal understanding of the process of getting married in Ontario.  Tracy is adept at navigating unexpected situations, which means you can focus on your special moments rather than logistical concerns. Tracy’s expertise with the legalities of getting married in Ontario ensures that your marriage is solemnized and registered with the Ontario government.

  • Ceremony Enhancements: Officiants can introduce meaningful rituals that resonate with your heritage or personal preferences. Whether it's lighting a unity candle, performing a sand ceremony, or incorporating hand fasting, these elements add a layer of depth to your ceremony.

Choosing the Right Wedding Officiant

Who do you want standing with you in front of your guests on one of the most important days of your life? This is a significant decision in your wedding planning process. To ensure the right fit, ask questions such as:

  • How many weddings does the Officiant have booked on the same day?

  • Are they licensed by the Ontario government?

  • Do they offer an in-person consultation?

  • Do they address you by your name?

  • Do they looked professional, well dressed? 

  • Google reviews from other couples are a valuable resource. 


The Officiant is the one wedding vendor that you do need in order to be legally married, so book them first, followed by other vendors.


Tracy Sweet was asked to be on Rogers TV show What’s Up London to discuss what to look for in an Officiant and explain the process of getting married in Ontario. Watch this short video to see how Tracy performs in public and answers your questions about one of the most important days of your life, then call Tracy Sweet at 519-709-4184 and watch a Facebook interview with What's Up London.


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